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Parking Pass

D.C. Everest High School Student Parking Policy

Obtaining Parking Permits

  • Students who wish to use the student parking lot must purchase a parking permit.
  • Permit parking cost is $40 if purchased for the full year, $30 if purchased in quarter 2, $20 if purchased in quarter 3, $10 if purchased in quarter 4.
  • If the parking sticker is not placed in the designated area of the vehicle (far left of the driver-side rear bumper) or is not visible, a citation will be issued that cannot be canceled.

    ​​​Parking sticker placement is as indicated here.

Where to Park

  • Students must park in the numbered space assigned to them.
  • Only students who have met criteria for Renaissance may park in Renaissance designated areas (yellow lined and numbered spaces). Citations will be issued and parking privileges revoked for students found parking in the Renaissance area without a Renaissance parking permit.
  • Students are not allowed to park in the RED-lined spaces, the Circle Drive Entrance, Student Council Drive Parking, Greenheck Lot, or in the Faculty Parking Lot. Students found parking in these areas will be issued a citation and/or have their parking privileges revoked.
  • Students who violate the parking regulations of the school will be issued a parking citation through Everest Metro. If problems continue, the privilege of parking will be denied.

Rules and Consequences
These rules are established for the protection of students, teachers, and visitors as well as to prevent students' vehicles from being damaged or vandalized.

  • Students are not allowed to be in the student parking lot except when going to or coming from their vehicle.
  • Loitering is not allowed in the student parking lot, in or outside of a vehicle.
  • Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary measures, including the revocation of parking privileges.
  • Littering, smoking, vandalism, and other misbehavior in the parking lot will result in disciplinary measures to include the revocation of parking privileges.
  • Vehicles parked on school property are also subject to search by school authorities if reasonable suspicion exists regarding the presence of any item that poses a safety concern for others. Canine units/local authorities may be used to randomly search the exterior of vehicles in the high school parking lot for items of contraband or any item that may place any student, employee, or other person on the premises in danger.
  • Any student observed driving dangerously on school property will be referred to Everest Metro for appropriate legal actions as well as being subject to school disciplinary action. Dangerous driving will result in the revocation of parking privileges.

The administration reserves the right to deny students access to parking privileges.