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Class of 2024 Resources

Reminders for Graduating Seniors

DCE Signing Day is May 1

Seniors please sign up as soon as possible for DCE Senior Signing Day.

Sign up and on May 1 you can be a part of the celebration and proudly wear post-high school swag for an assembly during Advisory - ex. Union Tees, Work Gear, Military Merch, College Shirts, etc.

Ordering Final Transcripts

Special Note! Counselors do not send a student’s final transcript. It is the responsibility of the student to send their final transcript. Below are the directions to send the final transcripts.

Final Transcripts for the 2023-2024 school year will tentatively be available with Parchment by June 28.  You can order your Final Transcript in advance by selecting the Hold for Grades option (not the Send Now option) after you select your destination.  Following this process will ensure your Final Transcript will be sent as of the tentative date listed above. If you do not choose Hold for Grades when placing an order before the end of June, your current transcript will be sent which only shows your Semester 1 grades.  

Also, remember to add a non-school email address or merge accounts because you will not always have access to your D.C. Everest email address. Cost per transcript is $4.40. For any questions, please email Mrs. Barwick in Student Services.

For students needing to access Parchment for the first time, please start here.

Parchment Quick Start Guide

Parchment Learner Help Center


The Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony will be held Wednesday, May 29 at Stiehm Stadium.

Xello Account Access Following Graduation

In May, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your Xello account following high school.  Please refer to this email message, titled  “Xello Account Access Following Graduation”, for instructions on changing the primary email address associated with this account to a personal email as your D.C. Everest email account will no longer be available.

D.C. Everest Email Accounts Following Graduation

Now that you are about to be a D.C. Everest School District Alumni, you will be losing your district technology account—including your email address. You will have access until the end of August, so over the summer make sure you back up any files you want to keep and set up a new email address as needed.

Canvas ePortfolio Access Following Graduation

In order to retain access to your Canvas ePortfolio after graduation, you will need to change the settings to “Make it Public”.  

Follow these steps:

  1. Access Canvas from the web browser on the iPad
  2. Go to Safari> Account > ePortfolio > Go into the Portfolio > ePortfolio Settings > Check Make it Public > Update ePortfolio
  3. There will be a generated link for the ePortfolio for students to keep and share

Contact Information For Student Services

Student’s Last Names A-Ge  

Jenny Oosterhuis   

715.359.6561 ext 4243

Student’s Last Names Gi-Lo    

Valerie Willems              

715.359.6561 ext 4244 

Student’s Last Names Lu-Sh

Jodi Devine              

715.359.6561 ext 4241 

Student’s Last Names Si-Z    

Brooke Davis           

715.359.6561 ext 4242

School Social Worker  

Cristin Czerwonka

715.359.6561 ext 4200

Cell: 715-370-0313

Student Services Secretary      

Melissa Barwick

715.359.6561 ext 4251   

Change July 3rd date to June 28


Delete:Add emails and Merge Accounts Directions, and just end that sentence at address.


add this link under Quick Start Guide:

Parchment Learner Help Center,

Senior Year Insights

During your senior year, our Academic and Career Planning program can help you crystallize your interests while exploring career fields and postsecondary education/training options that match your personalized goals. In your final year, we can help you gain additional work-based learning and community service opportunities prior to graduation.

We also have online tools available for students in Canvas.

College and Career Prep in Canvas

The following college and career preparation tools are available in Canvas. 

  • Explore Americorps opportunities to make a positive impact on American communities by serving as a volunteer at a non-profit organization.
  • Research state-wide collegiate opportunities via the UW College Guidebook.
  • Secure letters of recommendation from your teachers using our online tools and fillable forms.
  • Easily access the online application portals to UW two- and four-year universities as well as technical colleges.
  • Learn more about how to complete the FAFSA form utilized to secure financial aid for undergraduate study.
  • Find local and national scholarship information.
  • Send official transcripts to post-secondary educational institutions for admission purposes.

Military Information in Canvas

Learn more about the U.S. Air Force, Army, National Guard, Navy, and ROTC Wisconsin and Michigan Upper Peninsula programs, including contact information for these branches.


Yearbooks are tentatively scheduled to be distributed from May 17-23. If you did not buy a yearbook, a limited number of yearbooks will be available for $70. Books may be purchased with cash or check during the distribution of pre-purchased books. You may not pay ahead of time.

More information will be sent out through email notification and during the daily announcements when the distribution dates are determined.  If you have any questions, please contact the yearbook staff.