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School Profile

The D.C. Everest (DCE) Senior High School houses three grades (10, 11, 12). We serve the Villages of Hatley, Rothschild, Weston and part of Kronenwetter; the Towns of Easton, Ringle and Weston; parts of the Towns of Norrie, Reid, and Wausau; the City of Schofield and parts of the City of Wausau. The D.C. Everest School District ranks 26th out of 446 districts in the state for enrollment size. Our district covers 162 square miles.

DCE High School is located in the community of Weston, south of Wausau, approximately 30 miles north of Stevens Point. Thirty-four percent of our high school students qualify for free or reduced meal programs.  

We are a high school that provides students with rigorous academic programs, personalized learning and career specific experiences that prepare our students for the fast-paced, changing world.


  • Enrollment: 1252 students
  • Size of Senior Class: 441
  • School Year: two semesters
  • Seven Instructional Periods:
  • 52 minute periods

Principal: Dr. Michael J. Raether

Assistant Principal: Dr. Todd J. Bohm

Assistant Principal: Dallas Rennie

Students at Graduation

By the Numbers

  • 56% of students have 3.0 or above GPA average
  • 97.8% Seniors graduated
  • 90% of seniors earned college credit through DE/AP courses
  • 55 Youth  Apprenticeship Students
  • 95% of AP Calculus BC students earned college credit
  • 626 students took an AP exam with 66% scoring a 3.0 or higher.

  • 181 NHS members representing
    12.8% of grades 10-12

  • 20.1% Laude graduates